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Lois  Hirshkowitz


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Barrow Street Press, 2004

Pan's Daughters (cover art by Sandra Hirshkowitz)

Pan's Daughters, 1998, Chi Chi Press 

Marking Her Questions, 1993, Mellen Poetry Press 

Nurture & Torture, 1992, San Diego Poets 

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"There's poetry in the very idea of ?, the infinite number which shows us constancy of mathematical relationship. If you know the radius, ? guarantees the circumference of a circle, and Lois Hirshkowitz guarantees us a remarkable radius of pleasure in these quirky, dream-like poems about the circumference of a life, and how to calculate it. Sounds abstract? It is, but this is a full-bodied abstraction with a sensuous apprehension of the world. Hirshkowitz's poems are mature work in peak flower, radiant on the landscape of contemporary American letters."
Molly Peacock

"The duties of the heart can lead us to contemplate, as Lois Hirshkowitz's clear-eyed poems do, the near-rhyme of nurture and torture (and both of those with 'nature') in our lives. These are some of the least sentimental poems about love and family life that I know - skillfully written, full of feeling, brave and memorable."
William Matthews 

"The voice in Lois Hirshkowitz's poems is an active one. Frenetic. Energetic. 'None of it feels like memory.' Rather than static words on a page, she creates typographical landscapes through which ideas and sounds can migrate and reverberate. Here is a poetics of transformational and musical grammar that invites the reader to compose these poems, anew and different each time, along with the author." 
Elaine Equi

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