RealPlayer Basic is free if you can find it - try going to this link, and ignore all the newer versions of RealPlayer which charge you after a 14-day free trial:

1. go to

2. in the search box, type in RealPlayer (In Windows)

3. Ignore the RealPlayer 8.0 - instead, skip to the next option: RealPlayer (16-bit) 5.0 Enjoy streaming audio and video on the Web. OS: Windows 3.x File Size: 1.17MB License: Free

4. Click on 'download now' and it will come up with a page called RealPlayer Archives

5. Fill in your details - Select RealPlayer 8 Basic, then fill in your operating system (need to know your Windows version); you can say 'don't know' for your processor type; and same for your connection speed.

6. Click on 'go to download and instructions page' - it will ask you where you want it (ok to choose its default; just remember where that is - probably in C:\programs\Real)

7. After it downloads, it will instruct you to actually install it by going to your Start menu, Run, and then browse for that realplayer.exe file (in folder listed in #6).

8. Select that file, and it will go through the installation. The first time you try to click on the RealPlayer (or 'hear') icon, with your speakers turned on of course, it will just run you through one final registration - be sure to un-tick all those free newsletters unless you want them - and you're off!