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Edward Mycue  




Edward Mycue was born in Niagara Falls, New York, raised in Texas from age 11, Arlington State University and North Texas State University degrees, Lowell Fellow at Boston University, WGBH-TV Boston intern, Macdowell Colony Fellow, peace corps teacher in Ghana, and  taught American Literature at International Peoples College (Elsinore, Denmark).  "Spent three wanderyears in Europe doing grunge jobs like shipyard in Rotterdam, wine and vegetable and chestnut harvest in southern France and ended up on this coast where I found love was a pausing place and after 32 years am still here. During that time I met George Oppen, Lawrence Fixel, Jim Watson-Gove, Carol Schneck, Carl Rakosi, Andrea Rubin and many more poets honed true."


Damage Within the Community (Panjandrum Press 1973)
(selected by Library Journal as one of the ten best 
poetry books of the year)

Chronicle (1974) 

Route, Route & Range (1977) 

Route, Route & Range: The Song Returns (an 88 pp expanded long poem from the original, published by Paper Castle in Melbourne, Australia, 1979)

The Singing Man my Father Gave Me (Menard Press, England, 1980)

No One For Free  (1986) 

Idolino  (1987) 

Edward (Primal Publishing, Boston, 1987) 

Unity  (1988) 

It's a Grate Country (Chicago, 1988) 

The Torn Star  (1988) 

Next Year's Words (the Rose Poems) (Chicago, 1989) 

Pink Garden/Brown Trees (Stingy Artist Last Straw Press, England 1990)  

Because We Speak the Same Language (Spectacular Diseases Press, England, 1994) 

Life is Built From the Inside Out  (from split chapbook with Jim Gove, 1988) 

Night Boats (Minotaur Editions, Oakland California, 2000)

The San Francisco Poems (Spectacular Diseases Press, England, forthcoming) 

Magazines/Periodicals/Newspapers (Poetry, Features, Reviews) 

Strange as it is I still get a thrill when I see these old issues where my hopes were distilled and my values realized and my absolute surety in the word and the words were manifest - almost as if these were old baby booties bronzed and tarnished dragging worn and rotting pastel ribbons in the dry streams of time. (EM)

  • Rue Bella
  • Stand 
  • European Judaism (Anthony Rudolf was editor and published Lawrence Fixel, George Oppen, Edouard Roditi, etc.. 1979)
  • Krax
  • Littack Supplement
  • Akros

England anthologies & broadsheets

  • For David Gascoyne 
    anthology, 1981) 
  • Round Glow of Family Nest (anthology, 1989) 
  • How The Net Is Gripped (anthology, 1992)
  • Enitharmon broadsheets: 
    "Her Children Come Home Too" (Martin Booth, editor, 1972)



  • La Carta Oliver (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  • Carta Cultural Abierta San Isidro (Argentina)
  • Linq (Australia) 

  • Meanjin (Australia)

  • Matilda (Australia) 
  • Poetry Australia

  • Mensuel (Belgium)

  • Nicolau (Brazil)

  • Antigonish (Canada)

  • Capilano (Canada) 

  • Curved H&2 (Canada)

  • Dalhousie (Canada)

  • Malahat (Canada) 

  • Pearl (Denmark)

  • Le Miracle Tatoue (France)
  • Barddoni (Italy)
  • Il Signale (Italy) 

  • Offerata Speciale (Italy)

  • Outrigger (New Zealand)
  • Arenaria (Portugal)

  • La Brocha (Spain)
USA magazines
  • NY Quarterly
  • Fuel
  • Lungfull
  • Fence
  • Open City
  • Poetry Conspiracy
  • Edgz
  • Gay Sunshine
  • Holy Titclamps
  • One Zine San Francisco
  • San Francisco New 
    Mission News
  • San Francisco Bay Guardian
  • Over The Transom
  • Baker Street
  • Sacred Grounds
  • Convolvulus
  • Art/Life
  • Small Pond
  • Hawai'i Review
  • Experimental Forest
  • Parting Gifts
  • Staplegun
  • Ixnay
  • Big Bridge
  • Zambomba
  • Beet
  • Dirty Goat
  • Grist on Line
  • Dixie Phoenix
  • We magazine
  • Illuminations
  • Pacific Quarterly
  • Center
  • Minotaur
  • NRG
  • The New Commercialist
  • Poetry Now
  • Poet Tree
  • Twate
  • Small Press Review
  • Painted Bride Quarterly
  • Ur Vox
  • Carolina Quarterly
  • Grasslands
  • Tight
  • Cups
  • Caliban
  • Streetfighting
  • Shockbox
  • NRG
  • Tomcat
  • Exquisite Corpse
  • Camellia
  • Prism
  • RFD
  • Giants Play Well in the Drizzle
  • Heaven Bone
  • Eotu
  • Transfer
  • Carbuncle
  • Malcontent
  • Rale
  • Exiles
  • Boston Review
  • Washington Review
  • Hanging Loose
  • My Favorite Sentence
  • Village Idiot
  • Hub of the Wheel
  • Xizquil
  • Wallace Stevens Journal
  • Poetry Flash
  • Poetry Songs & Oratorio
  • Writerite
  • Stroker
  • Beyond Baroque
  • Contact II
  • Northeast Rising Sun
USA anthologies
  • The Male Muse (1973)
  • Fourteen Voices (1975)
  • Poly: new speculative 
  • Rhysling Anthology (1992)
  • Terminal Velocities (1993)


Oratoria 'Texas and Hell', music by David Durrah. 


Edward Mycue is editor of the Norton Coker Press modern American poetry series, since 1988.  He has published about 80 titles including most recently Mask in Mime and Puppet by Bari Rolfe, Gajupi by Paul Polansky, plus books by Gwen Albert, Dan Bellm, Geri DiGiorno, Ann Erickson, Vincent Farnsworth, Lawrence Fixel, Jack Foley, Frances Gallegos, Tom Hammill, Owen Hill, Elizabeth Hurst, Laura Kennelly, Jules Mann, Mark Neville, Douglas D.A. Powell and Judy Stedman, among many others.

Prior to that, he edited and published 'Took' magazine, for 19 issues ending in 1987.  He reminisces: "Richard created a cover from a Rubens idea of the three dancing muses. I did it on xerox for pennies. When I did and as I did. What a love affair it was. It was free to anyone and everyone in it got ten copies."



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